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Numeric Insight, Inc 
delivers custom number crunching algorithms. 

Invisible and essential, numerical calculations play central roles in modern technology. They enrich – and often save – our lives. 

We employ a range of algorithm design and algorithm development techniques – from classic, tried and proven methods to the latest in research concepts and computing capabilities. Our designer algorithms drive a number of products and keep them operating safely, correctly, efficiently, reliably and profitably. 

Numeric Insight, Inc
practical and exceptional number crunching, and scientific programming

Practical and exceptional number crunching, algorithm development, and scientific programming.

Here’s how we bring value

Hands on Statistics is a fun and interactive course that provides practical training in applying statistics. No previous knowledge of statistics, calculus or algebra is required. Learners will leave with concrete take-away tools and an eagerness to use them. The course can be customized to your area of business, industry and research. Promotes a solid confidence in interpreting and handing numbers – a skill that leads to definite career advancements. Contact us to learn more.

From the Numerical and Insightful Blog

The FFT is Fifty.  Their 1965 paper starts with the unassuming words "An efficient method for the calculation of the interactions of a 2^m factorial experiment was introduced by Yates and is widely known by his name." The paper does not use the word "fast" even once. Read more.

A Gentle Introduction to Backpropagation. Neural networks have always fascinated me ever since I became aware of them in the 1990s. They are often represented with a hypnotizing array of connections. In the last decade, deep neural networks have dominated pattern recognition, often replacing other algorithms for applications like computer vision and voice recognition. At least in specialized tasks, they indeed come close to mimicking the miraculous feats of cognition our brains are capable of.Read more.