Numeric Insight, Inc works with companies large and small, and universities, who have discovered the strategic advantages of outsourcing projects that require scientific programming and algorithm development. The advantages are many: having rapid access to expertise, intellectual property, ability to supplement the capabilities of in-house R&D function, reduced risk, reduced time to market and freedom to focus on core competence or activities.

The founding of Numeric Insight, Inc was stimulated by an important personal observation on the practice of scientific computing: Work on a new product or feature frequently calls for new algorithm development. New algorithms are often built using other algorithms as building blocks. Where do these “other algorithms” come from? Here's where they might come from: They may be purchased if they exist, they may be freely available for download, or they may be built by looking up published recipes. Quite frequently, serious problems arise in the process of assembling blocks obtained from these sources. Very often, commercial off-the-shelf software is unable to adapt to an application’s unique specifications. The numerical operations needed to drive that application are substantially different from the canned choices available in enter-view-edit tools. The practice of downloading algorithms is fraught with risks and is often not even possible in many businesses. Finally, the results accompanying the recipes described in many publications are difficult -- often impossible – to reproduce due to incomplete specifications.​

His interest in medical imaging began when he was a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Richard ​Gordon, one of the pioneers of Computed Tomography algorithms. It was further shaped by a research fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he contributed to advancements in echocardiography at the world-renowned Heart Center. 

Shashi’s commitment to judiciously apply common sense and advanced analysis to improve products and processes earned him the Six Sigma Black Belt certification by the American Society for Quality. 

Although frequently called upon to work on complex algorithms, he believes in the value of keeping it basic; he recognizes the universal customer need for intuitiveness and simplicity in a product.

Numeric Insight, Inc was founded in 2009 to create, prototype, implement, test and deliver the number crunching algorithms that form the very core of products in varied application areas such as medical and biological imaging, astronomy, audio noise and restoration, automated inspection, Big Data, bioinformatics, biometrics, control systems, digital pathology, oceanography, seismology and others. We excel in situations where success depends on mathematically sound algorithm development and where awareness of theoretical aspects leads to robust and effective solutions. But we always stay focused on real world applications, delivering real results. 

About Us

Shashi Sathyanarayana Ph.D, the founder of Numeric Insight, Inc has spent more than a decade accumulating expertise in scientific programming, algorithm development and teaching. 

At Boston Scientific Corp, he was responsible for the creation of algorithms that power the company’s imaging devices employed to assist detection of atherosclerosis. He is a named inventor on about a dozen patents in pattern recognition and ultrasound imaging. 

Numeric Insight, Inc
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